First trip of 2020 - Abbeyshrule!

"In January, after awful awful weather it finally cleared and a plan was hatched for an epic trip. Around 20 planes descended into Abbeyshrule, Ireland for our first trip of the year!"

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How I plan flights

Want to go on cross countries and looking some tips to help with the planning, this Microlight focused guide should be a great start!

13 Jan 2020

Flying in Ireland

I recently made my first trip across the FIR into Irish airspace which was an amazing experience, the views were breathtaking! But, before you do the same, there are few things to know.

28 Oct 2019

This Way Up

Geoff Hill, Microlight Flying magazine editor and very tall man released his latest book recounting his journey to getting his wings, well worth a read!

22 Sep 2019

Creating user waypoints in SkyDemon

In the first of a SkyDemon tutorial and flight planning series, I explain what custom waypoints are and how to add and use them.

26 Aug 2019

Causeway Airfield, a gem on the north coast!

A lovely day and time off work opened an opportunity I couldn't pass up, a visit to Causeway Airfield on the North Coast!

25 Aug 2019

Cleared to fly, for another two years

While the NPPL is a lifetime licence, the ratings aren't, so every two years you need to have a re-validation flight to refresh your flying skills!

30 Jun 2019

Think twice before starting a PPL

Usually when people want to learn to fly they phone their local club and book a trial lesson in a Cessna or Piper and begin a PPL course, but, there are several options available to new pilots.

13 May 2019

Two years of flying

It's been two years from my first Microlight trial lesson, what have I done so far and what do I want to do this year?

14 Jan 2019

Post Christmas flight to Enniskillen

Just because it's December doesn't mean you can't fly! I took an opportunity for a small cross country trip above the clouds.

30 Dec 2018

Using a flight sim for flight training

Not only are flight sims great fun, but they are an invaluable tool when learning to fly and can help decrease your flight training time and costs.

14 Nov 2018

First trip to Oban!

After the first attempt was scuppered I finally made it to Scotland and had my first proper taste of formation flying as well!

31 Oct 2018

Trip around Northern Ireland

Last minute change of plans resulted in a lovely early morning flight around the country, although showers nearly scuppered the trip.

04 Oct 2018

How to make your instructor happy

Learning to fly isn't just about flying aircraft. Learn how you can improve your own - and your instructors' - experience as you earn your wings.

24 Sep 2018