Ards airfield frequency change

Written by Mark Smith on Thursday 25 October 2018 1 minute read

As of today 25th October 2018, Newtownards Airfield (EGAD) is moving to an 8.33mhz frequency. Make sure to update your radios to the new frequency below:


This brings with it a significant cost saving for the airfield over renewing the old frequency, a perk introduced by the CAA to encourage Airfields over to the 8.33 spacing. Further detail of the pricing can be found on the CAA website but it’s a difference of £9900 for 25mhz and £3300 for 8.33 so it’s 13 of the cost. I would expect more airfields to move over to 8.33mhz as they come to renew their licences.

For information on what airfields have moved, the CAA update this list monthly with the affected airfields and the new frequency they have moved to. A good source to check before heading off on a cross country trip!

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