Tandragee Airfield has a new frequency

Written by Mark Smith on Tuesday 14 January 2020 2 minute read

123.45 no more!

Over Christmas I received the following message informing me of Tandragee Airfield moving to a new OFCOM frequency, see the message below:

“As we move into another decade, and Kernan Aviation enters it’s third decade in the skies over Northern Ireland, we are announcing a major change in our airfield procedures.

Effective 00:00 1/1/2020 we are changing radio frequency and callsign to 118.085 “Tandragee Radio”. We have been allocated this channel by OFCOM for our own use at Tandragee, a major step forward for our club and airfield.

All aircraft within a 10 mile radius of the field are asked to tune to 118.085 and call “Tandragee Radio”. Please use this opportunity to update any frequencies on your knee-boards, re-tune your aircraft radios, and pass along to any flying friends you may have in other clubs/ strips. “

So there you have it folks, no more do we need to monitor the rather “chatty” 123.45 frequency, which is a great thing as Kernan Aviation have a pretty busy bit of airspace around their local area due to the active flying club based there.

Also, an interesting thing raised by world famous microlighter Paul Kiddell , is that they can hear this chatter all the way over in England if the atmospheric conditions are right, so a dedicated frequency is a great thing!

New airfield plates

There have also been a couple of airfield plates floating around Facebook etc so I’m including there for references with detail on circuit procedures, PPR & noise abatement zones.

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