Ulster Flying Club fly in 2019

Written by Mark Smith on Thursday 28 March 2019 1 minute read

The 2019 Ulster Flying Club fly in and family open day will be held on 7th July 2019 at 10am this year. It is free entry and also free landing fees for those who make their way up, with plenty of things to do.

Expect food, rides and amusements for the kids, activities and of course a chance to see some of the local and arriving aircraft up close. There is also normally a RC flight display which is always a good watch, but on by the Bangor Electric Flying club who use Runway 08 when its quiet.

So add the dates to your calendar and I’ll hopefully see you there!

The EGAD plate is here: http://www.ead.eurocontrol.int/eadbasic/pamslight-445A09A3B3524C03012E78BEB7D05683/7FE5QZZF3FXUS/EN/Charts/AD/NON_AIRAC/EG_AD_2_EGAD_2-1_en_2016-10-13.pdf

Best place to get weather info is the Belfast City weather station https://en.allmetsat.com/metar-taf/united-kingdom-ireland.php?icao=EGAC

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